About NASS

Our Vision

To use comprehensive and diversified curriculum, carefully selected text books, and knowledgeable instructors so as to facilitate the intellectual and spiritual growth of students to grow up as responsible, committed Muslim citizens and help them make Islam as a way of life.


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Our Mission

To impart the faith, knowledge and practices of Islam to children and youth by providing education based on the Quran and the Sunnah.

– Display exemplary Islamic Morals and character.

– Meet the modern challenges of our diverse society without compromising our identity.

-Attain excellence in Quranic Study.

– Become contributing leaders and members of our ummah and society at large.


Core Beliefs

We aim to create and empower generations of students who are confident of their Muslim identity and are able to excel in any field of study with a strong Islamic knowledge.

Our goal is to raise good Muslim citizens who are strong in faith, well-grounded in the Qu’ranic knowledge, and have a strong foundation in academics.

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Frequently Asked Questions